Friday, 29 June 2018

Treat The World

The World is full of hatred,
So why was I created?
 though I'm lost here
With dumb feelings and tears,
Surely I will get back in the years.
If every day has its night, 
Yeah I'll fight for my right,
When my emotion dies
I guess I'll gain that brave rise.
Every sojourner will see
What the Lord's time will bring 
To the forsaken one 
 Who's the old Prince.
ohh,my feelings I gave up
So I can continue with the future 
When I am scared of all
I will pray silently and stop to talk.
I'm not gonna write-up
Not for the fools again 
Because when I'm done 
Will stay off and be gone...

 Josieariyx prevail

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Treat The World
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