Thursday, 27 October 2016

JTF discovers human skulls in shrines in Rivers state

JTF said it discovered human skulls in the shrines

The Joint Task Force operating in the Niger Delta under the Operation Delta Safe, has revealed that it discovered 25 human skulls in some militants’ shrines in Cross River state, The Punch is reporting. The security operatives also said they arrested 44 members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) in Bayelsa state. Share on Facebook

IPOB is one of the major organisations fighting for the emancipation of the Igbos in Nigeria. Their leader, Nnamdi Kanu is still in detention. Explaining the arrest, coordinator of the Joint Media Campaign Centre, ODS, Lt-Col Olaolu Daudu,reportedly said in a statement that troops of sector 4 of the outfit in Cross River, raided Ikot Ene Idem, Abakpa and Ikang Inam in Bakassi and Akpabuyo local government areas of the state.

He said four militant shrines with 25 human skulls in various stages of decomposition, a complete human skeleton and several other human body parts were discovered. Stressing that the shrines were destroyed, he added: “With the claerance of these shrines, the Bakassi Strike Force have effectively been smoked out from the areas they used to hold sway. “It should be noted that the senseless killing of humans for ritual purposes is sacrilegious and will not be tolerated in any form within the joint operation area.”

He also said two people were arrested while troops carried out a routine patrol and that investigations showed that they were members of BSF militancy group acting as spies.

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JTF discovers human skulls in shrines in Rivers state
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