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Understanding Buhari In 100days; Matters Arising

aaaabuhariimages.jpgIts about 100days of President Buhari in office, and I feel if APC and Buhari’s media crew thinks it is too early to judge Buhari; they should kindly note too that it is too early to bamboozle us with lies and phantom achievements; let’s recover from the shock of the ones we were inundated with during the polls, which they keep denying daily now. Does it mean we cannot take our President’s words to the bank?
It should be noted here that President Buhari ran on the platform of a political party(APC), as Nigeria constitution does not recognize independent candidature. Hence it holds true that he’s bound by the actions and inactions of his political party and just like he stated during the palace coup of Dr Saraki & Dogara in NASS elections that the party is supreme. So it will go against his hyped integrity to now deny promises, and pledges made on his behalf by his party. While his party & media crew goes on to mock us more by shifting the blame to a faceless group, while forgetting that they garnered some votes due to these promises they are denying today.
A. President Buhari media crew need to answer these questions as regards denying such documents as; “One Hundred Things Buhari Will Do in 100 Days” & “My Covenant With Nigerians”.
1)Does it mean that Shehu Garba is saying he’s incompetent to manage the media group of the president if he can’t control his imaginary out of control media partners? If he couldn’t manage a campaign outfit, are we to expect more excuse for failure at presidency now?
2)Would he have maintained silence if the news were detrimental to Buhari success at the polls? …Doesn’t he know that his principals integrity & change mantra contradicts obtaining favours(votes) by false pretense or deceit as in this case? Or were they out deceive Nigerians by maintaining treacherous silence even they knew those documents were not real?
3)Does he know the number of people who voted Buhari thanks to those promises and publications? Or is he accepting that Buhari obtained such votes by deceit? which is a crime or specifically corruption in itself?
4)So if they are denying those promises, can he kindly release a copy of the authentic promises of Buhari?
B. ACCORDING TO Shehu Garba, a national emergency with regard to SALARY payment IS ONGOING.
1)Isn’t there the risk of some governors especially those who mismanaged their allocations in the past repeating same with this bailout?
2)Didn’t the president deem it fit to set up a committee to actually find out the exact state of finance in some of these states, to know if there are other causes outside reduced allocation for these salary arrears accumulation?
3)Didn’t the President feel it was important to know why states like Anambra are not indebted while others with similar fortune are? Because it is a pointer that something is definitely wrong with some indebted states outside the general crises of reduced allocation…
4)Where’s the fund coming from? Government or commercial banks? If government, was it appropriated for
1)Isn’t it same President Buhari that slammed his predecessor for lobbying our neighbors to support and join in fight against insurgency that you’re eulogizing for doing same thing?
2)Even Kaduna state governor; Elrufai ridiculed former president Jonathan for same action. How come same fit is now recorded as an achievement under Buhari?…
3)Are you per chance insinuating that you undermined previous government by those acts above; thereby politicizing security of lives & property for political gain?
1)…because I am yet to read any with regard to the former initiated by this administration.
2)Do we really need those sweet words from foreign governments massaging our ego to know we are getting it right here?
3)Isn’t it also too early to gloat in those accolades given that this government is yet to find its feet hence no policy, no cabinet, no nothing?… So what criteria or indices did they use in assessing this government to arrive at such conclusions for which we should roll out our drums?
4)Does President Buhari believe that outsiders(G7 & co) would solve our problems better than us? Would they offer us any free lunch? At what cost is their love for us coming?
1)If President Buhari’s body language fixed power(Note that some areas in Southeast like Anambra state, recorded average of 16-20hours already by late 2014); kindly request him that he allow same body language to fix our security agencies as bribes are still collected in broad daylight from motorists. Even cost of foodstuffs isn’t listening to this body language yet; including armed robbers, ritualists etc. This body language should be extended to other sectors including our roads…
2)Is he planning to invest in distribution sector of power that has been privatised by declaring it as next phase of challenge? Have we gotten our transmission sector which is government responsibility up to optimal capacity?
3)Maybe Shehu Garba may need to be reminded the exchange rate at handover to this government. Inflation rate was single digit too, so why add it to President Buhari who has no economic team or policy to absorb the economic crises around the world today.
4)Doesn’t Buhari media crew know that NSE has lost over 2.7trillion worth of investment thanks to Buhari’s lack of economic direction, focus, policy & team So which imaginary Nigerians are enjoying his phantom economic management prowess?…
5)Doesn’t President Buhari know that SME’s are having hard times while some are downsizing because of CBN recent monetary policy? And its multiplier effect is seen in increased unemployment group…
6)Didn’t his media crew read from NSA that new job creation decreased to around 2.35% from 3.86% but around this time last year, same was 7%?
7)What has Buhari done in agriculture sector? Maybe its time he acknowledged his predecessor’s achievement for which he wants to take glory from backdoor.
1)All we hear daily is media prosecution, media blackmail, & media conviction. Only if he can respect our constitution that says that one is innocent till proven guilty.
2)Only if he can reduce the noise and allow his actions do the talking…
3)Only if he can let us into his numerous allowances as challenged by Governor Fayose and not mere salary cut; which even RMFAC law doesn’t recognize.
4)Only if he knew the damage he is doing to workers morale by stunting career growth via he’s appointing outsiders(Retirees) to head some bodies eg DSS, Custom etc..
5)Only if he knew to what extent he has divided & polarized the country by his 95%/5% analogy including his skewed appointments and central government outlook in general…
God bless us all…as we watch this change

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Understanding Buhari In 100days; Matters Arising
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