Friday, 25 May 2018


#TechpointInspired will convene industry leaders, visionaries, innovators, CTOs, CIOs, Engineers, Developers, Designers, and tech enthusiasts to explore the tech trends that will shape Nigeria’s future in the years ahead. The annual event provides a unique platform for business opportunities and relationship building. In 2017, we hosted more than 1200+ tech enthusiasts. Join us 29th May 2018 to see why “The future is now”.

#TechpointInspired will allow industry leaders, visionaries, innovators make presentations and engage in panel discussions about tech trends in their space. These presentations and assertions will shape our Nigeria’s future in the years ahead. We have various sessions on Blockchain, IoT, AI/VR, smart cities, robotics. We are on a mission to understand why these new technologies will matter in the future.

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